The company

Iberomail is a company specialized in national and international transport and distribution solutions for mail, periodical publications and parcels.

As an independent company licensed by ICP-ANACOM, Iberomail offers an alternative to the universal postal service.

Iberomail’s knowledge of worldwide distribution resources and networks enables it to design more effective and economic solutions for international mail distribution, in co-operation with the world’s leading postal operators.

Iberomail’s positioning enables it to constantly seek the world’s finest transport and distribution services for its customers, offering a wide range of solutions with the best price- quality ratio in the market.

In this context, Iberomail is not only a service supplier but also a partner company which seeks the most economic and effective solutions at the national and international level for postal distribution of mail, publications and packages.

Our Mission

“To position itself as a trustworthy partner, presenting a wide array of mail distribution and logistics solutions, offering a full quality service for its customers.”

Our values

Trustworthiness – We are an honest company, whose business activity is based
on rigorous ethical standards and codes of conduct.

Innovation – Constant search for better and more recent transport and logistics solutions, keeping abreast of technological evolution and changes.

Flexibility – Services are conceived in function of the specific needs of each customer. In this regard, Iberomail is highly flexible in order to ensure that the services provided are suited to customers’ needs and to constant market evolution.

Trust – Throughout the supply chain, we guarantee confidentiality, integrity and security. This guarantee derives from our rigorous staff selection, procedures and established working methods.

Quality – Iberomail maintains high quality standards in all its services in order to maximise customer loyalty and satisfaction.

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